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Mother Of The Bride Shop Leicestershire & Northamptonshire

We believe that everyone at a wedding should feel beautiful, this is why we have dedicate a whole floor in the boutique to Mother of the Bride and Groom, with a beautiful large private changing room where you can have your own luxury appointment while choosing the outfit you want to wear on your son’s or daughter’s special day.


During your appointment you and your guests can relax is our private changing area where you with have help and guidance from your own dedicated consultant throughout. We will give you all the help you need in finding your perfect mother of the bride/groom outfit.


With a large selection of Mother of the Bride outfits in sizes 8 – 24, come and find your prefect outfit with us. Prices start from £150 and with plenty of hats and fascinators to match and complete your look for this special day.

Designer Mother Of The Bride Veromia

The Mother of the Bride collection by Veromia have been designed by their experienced in-house designers who have full understanding of high fashion and beautiful detailing.

They are dedicated to creating beautiful outfits and pay particular attention to detail, ensure that every outfit in this collect is a beautiful creation using only the finest fabrics and laces, embroidery and beading.

With two collections from Veromia, we have Dress Code and Dress Up in our Mother of the Bride lounge

Prices range from £275 – £645

Sizes from 8 – 26

Designer Mother Of The Bride Michaela Louisa

The mother of the bride outfits by Michaela Louisa are very special, they feature bold and elegant colours, which allow for a very beautiful and complete look for the special day. The dresses themselves are very feminine, and show off any woman’s natural beauty, whilst flattering their figure. Designer Mother Of The Bride Michaela Louisa Outfits.

You can be sure that if you buy a mother of the bride outfit designed by Michaela Louisa that you will have an outfit no one else will have. Also, you will know that you have an outfit that looks beautiful on you and really flatters your figure.

Prices range from £125 up to £375

Sizes from 8 – 20

Designer Mother Of The Bride Sonia Peña

Our newest designer to come into the Wedding Belles Mother of the Bride collection is Sonia Peña. This designer is elegant, sophisticated and not your traditional Mother of the Bride.

This collection is for a mum looking for a wow factor to her outfit. The Spanish influence rush through this collection making it unique but keeping true to what women want.

Designer Mother Of The Bride Carla Ruiz

Carla Ruiz is a new collection introduced into Wedding Belles. For the mothers that are looking for something unique, different and of high fashion. This Spanish collection may be just what you are looking for,it is feminine and elegant and has the wow factor.

Prices range from £210 – £315

Sizes 8- 20

Designer Mother Of The Bride Glitz

Glitz offer beautiful and sophisticated Mother of the Bride outfits, with a soft and easy to wear collection.

Prices range from £95 – £149

Sizes from 8 – 24